Pizza and Shopping Orders may be Delivered Soon by Drone at your doorstep.

Pizza and Shopping Orders may be Delivered Soon by Drone at your doorstep.

Drone which is getting Famous day by day whether it is the Drone used by kids or by Photographers in any event. But one thing is Pretty clear that they are getting Famous and their trend is going Upward for sure.

Now Imagine one thing if anyone Says Your Shopping Package is being delivered by the Drone to your Doorsstep.what’s your reaction? Shocked!!!  Right .. but this is Soon gonna be True.

drone is Coming to your House to deliver Your Orders that you have ordered from the Online Shopping Portals.

Now Imagine You have Ordered and Pizza and suddenly you saw it’s coming through Sky route.

Haha!!! that’s Looks really interesting but that is soon gonna be a reality in India.

Drone Delivery amazon

What is Drone Delivery:

The Delivery of your essentials or your eCommerce products that is done by Drone is called Drone Delivery.

In various Countries, This delivery by Drone is already tested including USA, Russia etc. But now soon it is going to be tested in India as well.


The government has designed the rules according to the size of the drone being flown.

Classification Size
Nano less than 250gm
Micro 250gm to 2kg
Mini 2kg to 25kg
Small 25kg to 150kg
Large greater than 150kg

The Drone which is Less than 250 gram doesn’t need any license but all the other Drones above than 250 grams need a license to fly away.

Civil aviation secretary RN Choubey said that regulations for the unmanned aircraft systems, once finalized, would permit the commercial use of drones in India.

The government also decided that the drone is not allowed to fly in certain areas where there are some restrictions.

these places are :

  1. Within 5-km radius of an airport;

2.Within 50 km from international border and

3. Beyond 500 meters into sea along coastline;

4. Within 5-km radius of Vijay Chowk in Delhi

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So with these things, it is clear that we will witness  Drone Delivery very soon in India.

But along with this advancement don’t you think there are some cons of this Drone Delivery System.

Let’s Find out Some Advantages and Disadvantages of this Drone Delivery System :


  1. companies would save money on shipping costs, which would, in turn, reduce costs for consumers.
  2. Consumers would receive their packages far more quickly and reliably, which would build consumer trust and encourage repeat purchasing.
  3. Shareholders of companies who employ drone delivery to cut costs would likely see some of those savings trickle down to them.


  • Delivery people would lose their jobs to automation, and those who don’t would be severely limited in their career prospects with their companies.
  • Consumers could raise privacy concerns, as drones would likely use GPS and cameras to find homes and deliver packages.

Drone Delivery

So this Drone delivery Service not only helps in E-commerce Industry it also helps another Industries as well.

For example: Russia is using Drone Delivery to provide Blood to the outer areas more easily and timely.

The same thing is Said by one of the Minister of Government of India on Wednesday.

Other industries also have cause to cheer. In construction, for instance, drones can reduce surveying time by up to 98%. “It can also be very useful in humanitarian causes like for delivery of blood,” civil aviation minister Raju said.

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