Friend Function and Friend Class


As we discussed C++ is having a great feature of Data Hiding(Encapsulation),that means Wrapping of data into a Single unit.For ex: all the Data members and member functions are wrapped  up  into a single unit called class.

where according to the concept we apply security or data hiding  by using Access Specifiers PRIVATE and PROTECTED,so according to policy ,if you are not a member you cannot access the private and protected members of a class. However to get rid of this situation we came up with a concept of Friend Function where a non -data member of a class can access the private and protected data members by making a non member friend.

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Function Overloading

Function Overloading

Function Overloading or we can say that overloading functions is a concept of C++ where we can have multiple functions with exactly the same name,but the constrain here is the function should have different arguments.

For ex:

void  Area()

void  Area(int)

int  Area(int,int)

void Area(int ,float)

float Area(float)

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C++ ppts.

Focusing on C++ Abstract  Notes/PPTs.

1.Overview of C++,lec 0

2.Lect_1(class and objects)

3.Structure,union,enum(lec 2)

4.static data member and member function lec 3


6.Inline function

7.default Arguments.ppt


10.manipulator Functions

11Friend function and friend class

12Pointers in c++


14.Constructors & Destructors

15.File handling

16.Operator Overloading

17.Type conversion